08 August 2017

Hammock Accident

I had put a hammock out on our second floor veranda, thinking I could catch some breezes.  It has a good mosquito netting sleeve that can be drawn over it and zipped closed once you’re in.  But the hammock body’s fabric is made of nylon parachute silk and is thus too hot for the tropics.  It does not breathe well enough, and the breezes do not penetrate.  

The only times I could really enjoy it were when a full-out rain storm was blowing through.  The veranda roof kept most of the rain off me, but the windy spray could still blow in on me – very refreshing.  Blessed coolness, Zen delight! 

The hammock is not old, and has never been in the sun, but it failed me a week ago.  Our cat Pinky was out on the veranda so I decided to sit out with her.  I carefully sat into the hammock.  Then, Pow!  The nylon parachute fabric split apart and dumped me a full meter onto the concrete floor. 

I landed on my ass, hard.  I didn’t break anything, but I’ve been sore ever since.  I can still walk the several klicks of my neighborhood walking route, but I’m certainly not stepping out as vigorously as normal.  It hurts most to sit for a while, such as at a computer.  So I will cut this short. 

What will such things be like when I one day get old? 


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